Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney

Clean Canvas provides advanced tattoo removal services across Sydney’s South West and Macarthur Region.

Our PicoWay laser is the first of it’s kind in the Camden and Macarthur area and is the fastest operating medical grade device on the market for tattoo removal. It shatters tattoo ink into minuscule particles making it the easiest its ever been for your body to dispose of ink in fewer treatments without damaging the surface layer of your skin.

It’s multiple wavelengths allow us to effectively treat ALL tattoo colours in picosecond time. Our 532nm wavelength treats reds, browns and yellows. Our 1065nm wavelength targets blacks and very dark hues and lastly our 785nm wavelength targets blues and greens.

We offer complimentary skin rejuvenation should your tattoo require pre-existing scar tissue breakdown and or advanced healing. Our PicoWay Resolve hand piece is clinically proven to deliver effective skin rejuvenation and assists in the release of ink particles that may be trapped within scar tissue.

At Clean Canvas, you’ll be treated by Daniella, our owner and dedicated tattoo removal specialist.

Daniella is committed to providing the safest scar free tattoo removal in the shortest possible time without compromising your well being. She will look after you from your initial consultation, through your post care procedures and all the way through to your final objective, whether that be fade for cover up or complete removal.

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Macarthur’s Most Esteemed Clinic

Clean Canvas combines superior customer service, a wealth of industry knowledge and award winning technology unrivalled in the Macarthur Region.

We take great care on the safety of our clients, great pride in their results and value their privacy.

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Tattoo Fading For Cover Up

Laser tattoo removal can also be a great tool for those looking to modify an existing tattoo they may not be overly happy with. It’s an unfortunate reality that not all tattoos turn out exactly as we envisioned them. Often, in only a few treatments, you can fade your tattoo enough to go over with new art leaving no traces of the original tattoo below.

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