• Decorative (both amateur and professional)
  • Medical tattoos applied to patients of radiation therapy
  • Scalp micro-pigmentation
  • Cosmetic tattoos

In the vast majority of cases we will be able to achieve 100% tattoo removal. Our PicoWay device’s 3 picosecond wavelengths effectively targets all colours and includes fractional laser capabilities that stimulate healing and skin remodelling. Through a thorough consultation, we will assess your tattoo and your current health in order to advise on the level of clearance you can expect to achieve.

Absolutely! What we remove is up to you. We have the ability to utilise laser beam spot sizes as small as 2mm allowing for accurate removal of finer spots and lines. Customers will often opt for partial removal in order to make room for new art.

A thorough consultation will always be conducted prior to any treatments being carried out and there are factors that can impact your eligibility. These include blood or healing disorders, medications being consumed that are light sensitive, tanning on the treatment area and long term health issues, for example, epilepsy.

In most cases, if you are generally in good health, then you would be considered eligible to proceed.

Every tattoo is unique and the removal process will vary for each and every one.

Your type of tattoo – be it amateur or professional – its size, depth, type and colour of ink are all factors in the number of treatments you will require. Location of your tattoo can also play a role, together with your overall immune health.

Through your in-depth consultation we will outline the likely maximum number of treatment sessions you would require in order to accomplish your desired level of clearance.

However, we have a treatment guarantee. You will not pay for more than 10 sessions per treatment area. If satisfactory removal is not achieved by 10 sessions, we will continue to treat your tattoo for free for up to 1 year post your last paid session.

Your first session with us will consist of an in-depth consultation where we assess your tattoo, run through a current and historical health check, outline the tattoo removal process and give you time to ask questions. If you are an eligible candidate and decide to proceed, then we will more than likely go ahead with your first treatment and post care instructions right away. We allow an hour for this initial session.

Following sessions will generally be much quicker. They will be dependant mostly on the size of your tattoo and would generally be anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes.

If you opt-in to having a topical anaesthetic applied, then you will need to allow for an additional 45 minutes to an hour prior to each treatment. This is the time required to reach the most favourable numbing effect.

Time between tattoo removal treatments is recommended to be 6-8 weeks. This gives your immune system the best chance of removing those miniscule ink particles, giving you the best possible fading between treatments. It also means we won’t be treating the same ink particles more than once which will likely see you require fewer treatments throughout the whole process.

The good news is that by choosing Clean Canvas and our PicoWay device, fewer overall treatments are required, meaning we are able to treat you faster than most other laser devices.

Preparation for tattoo removal is just as important as post-treatment care. In order to begin treatment you must ensure:

  • The treatment area has been protected from direct sun exposure for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • You have not used tanning beds, applied self tan or been injected with melanin for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • You consult with us about any medications or contra-indications that could interfere with your treatments

Yes. Our PicoWay device is the only medical device that is FDA approved for the removal of cosmetic tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoos are different to traditional tattoos though, so we always proceed with caution. Cosmetic artists often mix multiple different pigments together to create the perfect colour for their client. Our device allows us to treat these pigments effectively and a treatment plan will be created for each client specifically.

PicoWay treatments selectively treat the tattoo while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Its ultrashort picosecond pulses allow for effective treatments with minimal risk of side effects. Its photoacoustic energy delivery means that there is significantly less heat generated, reducing the risk and providing clearance in fewer treatments.

No. Laser tattoo removal is performed using laser light. This is a non-ionising form of radiation, meaning that exposure to it does not cause cell mutation or cell death. It has been used safely in dermatology for over 3 decades.

PicoWay pulses are fast, so there is minimal discomfort, particularly when compared to machines with a shorter pulse duration that induce a more thermal (heat) effect. Some customers describe the feeling as having similarity to the snap of an elastic band on the skin.

We want all of our clients feeling as comfortable as possible, so we have some comfort management options available.

You can use our cooling device, prior to, during, and after the treatment where required. The cooling air can help to numb the skin and make the experience more comfortable.

We can also apply a topical anaesthetic if that is your preference. If you would like to go ahead with this, please allow an additional 45 minutes prior to your treatment so that it may reach maximum numbing effectiveness.

However, if you were able to tolerate the discomfort of getting your tattoo, it’s likely you will be able to tolerate having it removed.

After treatments, some patients may experience temporary discolouration or redness around the treatment area. Other patients may also experience temporary lightening of the skin. The skin will typically resolve to its normal tones within a few months of the last treatment.

There is minimal risk of scarring due to the picosecond pulses of our device. Thermal (heat) effects are reduced significantly and the Resolve fractional capabilities of our PicoWay device actually assist in scar tissue reduction.

Providing that you follow your post-treatment care instructions carefully, the chances of any adverse effects are minimal.

There are currently no reported cases of harm to the mother or foetus from laser tattoo removal during pregnancy, however we recommend that treatment be postponed until post-pregnancy and when breastfeeding has ceased. Immunity is generally lower during pregnancy and hormonal changes are known to cause other pigmentation skin conditions like melasma. Ink removal relies on your immune system, therefore our preference is to treat whilst it’s at its highest capacity.

Yes we can, although this does introduce other factors that need to be considered at the time of your consultation with us, and may impact our treatment guarantee. We need to consider:

  • The type of laser that was previously used (i.e. heat based)
  • Is there evidence of scarring?
  • How many treatments have already been performed?
  • Has there been any clearance so far?

The reality is that there are inferior lasers and operators that can cause scarring or even make the ink resistant to laser. We will review the current state of your tattoo and provide you with an honest and transparent assessment, and outline a treatment plan specific to you.

After every tattoo removal session it is important to keep the treated area clean. We will apply a soothing ointment post-treatment and cover it with a non-adhesive dressing.

You will then need to follow up with some simple steps to boost your body’s capabilities to heal successfully.

  • Avoid exposure of the treated area to hot water or workouts that will induce heat in the skin, particularly for the first 24 hours. You may shower, however use only mildly warm water on the treated area and avoid scrubbing
  • Continue to apply ointment to the treated area for 2-3 days post-treatment
  • Sun exposure to the treated area should be avoided post your treatment and throughout your entire treatment schedule.

Where unavoidable, a minimum of SPF 30+ should be applied in all instances

  • Abstain from using tanning beds, applied tans or melanin injections
  • Avoid direct contact with the treated area that may cause injury to it, particularly scratching, picking or aggressive washing
  • A cool compress may be applied to minimise discomfort post-treatment, showering or exercise
  • Refrain from using makeup in the unlikely event that you experience broken skin on the treatment area until it is fully healed

At Clean Canvas, we promise to always treat you, your skin and your tattoo as unique, and provide you with an outstanding customer experience. As your comfort and safety is our priority, we invest in leading industry technology to give you the best possible results in fewer treatments, without compromising your wellbeing. You are our focus, and that is what sets us apart. We are firm believers in the continual investment in training and development to ensure we are using the latest techniques and technology.

We are professional, discrete and love what we do!