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Hi! I am Daniella, Owner and Operator of Clean Canvas Laser Clinic. Married with 3 children, a background in Accounts, Banking & Finance, it is fair to say that my passion for Laser Tattoo Removal began in a way that can only be described as the polar opposite to anyone else in this field! Most tattoo removal operators began with their own tattoo removal experience. I happened to fall in love with the concept whilst searching for my very own first tattoo.

When I began researching Tattoo Studios and designs, I came across many friends, family members and even strangers with tattoo regrets. Some had received tattoo removal treatments and been mildly satisfied, where others had been left traumatised by their removal experiences.

The Accountant in me felt that there had to be a better way to stack the odds! So began my frantic search for the perfect equation that would equal greater results, with less discomfort and an overall better experience.

And with this, I found a way to change the way the industry was perceived and the experience people could have. This is where my passion lies and where I realised I could join all the skills I had accumulated to this point to create some magic!

It was important to me that if I was to penetrate this market, I wanted to do it with my client and their experience at the centre of all my decisions.

It took me almost 2 years, in which time I researched, met with engineers, distributors, completed courses in Laser Safety, Dermal Therapies, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, as well as extensive training & practical experience, but I have finally made it!

To that end, I have invested in Syneron-Candela’s PicoWay Laser device – The Complete Picosecond Platform as your safety and satisfaction is my number one priority.

Whilst I still remain clear skinned as I continue the search for my elusive “perfect tattoo”, I am spurred with a heightened passion to help people achieve their vision of perfection.

Whether that’s by removing their tattoo all together, or fading it to make way for more inspired art. Our tattoos can be a reflection of who we are. Let me help you show your true colours.

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