Tattoo Removal – 3 Key Things To Consider

Tattoo Removal – 3 Key Things To Consider

In the past decade, the process of tattoo removal has, thankfully, come a long way. What was once considered as dangerous, timely & ineffective, is now a viable option for those considering having their ink removed. There are however, some key facts to arm yourself with, to ensure that you are choosing the safest and most effective method to have your tattoo removed.

1. Technology

Consumers have been seriously impacted by inferior tattoo removal methods since the concept of tattoo removal first began. Acid removal has seen official Health Warnings raised in QLD and IPL – Intense Pulse Light – treatments are ineffective because their beams are not targeted and in the hands of the wrong operator,  severe reactions like burning and scarring occur.

The only option to genuinely consider for tattoo removal is Laser.

Q-Switched or Nanosecond lasers have traditionally been the go to Laser for Tattoo Removal, though still require a multitude of sessions, are considered to be quite painful and still incur the risk of scarring.

Picosecond technology is now considered to be the gold standard in tattoo removal. Picosecond technology delivers better results in fewer treatments with minimal discomfort in comparison to nano. The pulses are 1000 times faster than Q-switched devices which means that they are working with photoacoustic energy rather than photothermal energy.

Not all picosecond devices are created equally though. At Clean Canvas, we use Syneron-Candela’s PicoWay®. It is the world’s fastest picosecond laser and is the only available picosecond device on the market that produces 3 true picosecond wavelengths, which are imperative for effective results across all tattoo colours. Our device is also FDA approved for the safe use on all skin types. The 1064 wavelength targets your blacks and other very dark colours, the 532 wavelength targets your red’s, yellow’s and brown’s, whilst the 785 wavelength targets those harder to remove blue’s and green’s.

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2. How many sessions do you really need?

The age old question around tattoo removal is, “How many sessions will I need?”

The answer is not always simple and it’s important to arm yourself with the facts. Factors that will contribute to the number of sessions you require include, depth & consistency of ink, the type of tattoo, the age of the tattoo, type of ink used & your immunity.

To give an example, an amateur tattoo will generally clear faster than a professional tattoo, with tribal tattoos sometimes taking longer depending on how they have been applied. With PicoWay technology, it has been our experience that professional tattoos can be cleared on average in between 4 and 8 treatments, with amateur tattoos between 1 and 4. Nanosecond technology is known to take much longer with professional tattoos taking between 8 and 15 treatments.

Immunity also plays a huge factor in how quickly you will achieve clearance of your tattoo. Whilst the laser shatters the ink into minuscule particles, it is then up to your immune system to dispose of them. Your body’s ability to process and eliminate these particles will determine how many sessions may be required for you personally. Generally speaking 6 weeks is the optimal amount of time for the body to effectively process the shattered ink particles and this is the preferred time interval between treatments. By allowing for this time to pass, your body has the best chance of successfully removing as much of the ink as possible. This means, that when you have your subsequent treatment you are not double handling ink that your body hasn’t had time to dispose of yet. This will likely equate to less treatments required overall.

3. Choosing the right clinic

Laser tattoo removal is no commodity item. It can be expensive and is a specialised field. Technology will play a major factor in the pricing you obtain.  Something to consider is that whilst nano technology may offer a lower price per session, when you consider the number of sessions required, the overall cost may equate to the same amount as pico treatments by the time you reach your end goal. The difference in technology though, also has the potential to impact your comfort and safety. Always weigh up the odds to ensure that you are going to get the most timely, safest and most cost effective treatment overall.

Another important factor to consider is whether the clinic you chose has a service guarantee. At Clean Canvas, we are confident with our technology and our treatment approach. We have a 10 session per treatment area guarantee. If you have not reached the desired level of clearance in 10 sessions, we will treat you for free for 1 year post your last paid session.

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