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What you need to know about Dermafrac

If beautiful, even skin is your goal, then Dermafrac may be the ideal treatment for you. With a combination of microdermabrasion and microneedling with concurrent serum infusion, this specialised facial treatment offers many benefits for a range of complexion problems. We’ve covered all you need to know about Dermafrac below:

What is Dermafrac?

Dermafrac uses a traditional microneedling process, in which a collection of fine needles are used to create extremely small punctures to the skin, which prompts a powerful healing response. Operating with suction, it lifts the skin off the nerve endings to prevent pain typically associated with needling, for a super comfortable treatment. The process begins with light, crystal free microdermabrasion, clearing the path for greater penetration of specialist serums, which are then infused into the skin at the optimum depth for the best possible results. As a hybrid treatment, it offers an effective way to exfoliate, stimulate circulation, and reduce imperfections effortlessly.

Can Deramfrac help with my skin problems?Skin pigmentation

Dermafrac has a positive clinical effect on a range of skin complaints. Specifically, this facial treatment works best to help with the following:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Open pores and congestion
  • Mild scarring from acne
  • Dehydrated, dry and dull skin
  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentation and dark spots

What are the benefits of Dermafrac?

Dermafrac has plenty of benefits thanks to the unique hybrid approach used to penetrate the skin and deliver effective, deep, custom skin nutrition where it is needed the most. Some of the benefits of Dermafrac include:


  • Powerful exfoliation and rejuvenation


Microneedling and microdermabrasion in combination can help to exfoliate dull or dry skin, bringing softer and healthier skin to the surface. Dermafrac helps to promote healing through minor abrasions, encouraging collagen production and circulation for a smoother, more even complexion.


  • Immediate and long-lasting results


Immediate results can be seen from this treatment, while long-term changes can continue to smooth and even out the complexion with regular maintenance sessions following initial treatment.


  • Customised serums


Six different custom-mixed serums are used for Dermafrac. This customisation allows for an entirely bespoke treatment that targets specific skin complaints and issues, from clarifying serums for congested pores to brightening serums designed to even out skin tone, as well as hydrating serums to improve the plumpness and healthy appearance of the skin.


  • No downtime following appointment


With no downtime required following each session, Dermafrac is an easy and practical addition to any schedule. While some redness may occur, and you’ll be advised to wear sun protection, there’s no reason you can’t continue with your day following treatment, with makeup application allowed within 24 hours.

The Dermafrac process

Are you interested in our Dermafrac Sydney treatments? Here’s how the process works:


In an initial consultation, your specialist will go over how it works and listen to your specific concerns about your skin. This assessment allows for the selection of the correct serum for your treatment.

Treatment sessions

Typically, Dermafrac treatment in Sydney is booked for six or more sessions for the most effective results. A specific tool will be used to exfoliate your skin and infuse the serum at the optimal layer during each treatment. You may feel slight abrasion on the surface of the skin and a feeling of mild sensitivity after your session.


Following your initial sessions, you may wish to book in for regular maintenance treatments to ensure you keep seeing the excellent results that it can provide.

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