The Process


Gone are the days where you needed to hide away from the world after having a skin rejuvenation treatment. Traditional treatments, whilst effective, carry with them a significant impact on the epidermal (outer) layers of the skin, given that most use photothermal (heat) energy to heat the tissue. This would result in up to 14 days of downtime, high levels of pain and greater risk of infection.

PicoWay Resolve achieves even greater results, without the downtime, risk of scarring or infection and is very comfortable, allowing you to resume normal activities immediately post-treatment.

Resolve treatments involve the creation of discrete Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns in the dermal (middle) layers of the skin, leaving your epidermis (outer) layers intact. These “breakdowns” create pockets of plasma which absorb remaining laser energy and expand to create a cavitation bubble. This then stimulates the wound healing process in the surrounding tissue which leads to new collagen formation (neocollagenesis), elastin and skin remodelling. Skin toning and tightening as well as reduction in fine lines and wrinkles is also a result of new collagen formation.

PicoWay Resolve can be used on all skin types and because the laser reaction is under the surface of the skin, there is virtually no downtime. You can resume wearing makeup within a few hours of the treatment. There is little discomfort throughout and/or following the procedure.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are long narrow streaks or stripes on the skin and can occur anywhere on the body when the skin is stretched too quickly. They most commonly occur throughout pregnancy, obesity & rapid growth of the body, often throughout puberty or body building. Whilst they are not harmful to your health, they can often impact on a person’s confidence. Fractional Laser technology can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and help the skin rebuild it’s collagen and elasticity over time.

Acne Scarring

It is estimated that over 40% of people who suffer from acne will experience acne scarring, and it can worsen over time. The PicoWay has been clinically proven to significantly reduce acne scarring across all skin types and in most cases repairing it completely. Utilising our Fractional Resolve, the process is consistent with our skin rejuvenation treatments in that it stimulates the body’s healing processes and induces collagen production to remodel the skin.


Skin pigmentation can occur through sun damage, hormonal imbalances and as a result of your genetic makeup. Pigmented lesions can include sun spots, age spots, freckles, café au lait, nevus of Ota and Becker’s nevus. Another common form of pigmentation is melasma. All of these conditions are treatable with our PicoWay device across all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Pigmentation removal is similar to tattoo removal in that the laser energy shatters pigment into miniscule particles which are then removed by the body’s natural processes.